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Microsoft Office 365 and how you can achieve Assurance and Security with Think 365

A lot of businesses now realise and make use of Microsoft Office 365 to handle more than just the basic office tasks.

Think 365 supports this growth by offering intelligent cloud services that supports your work and ensures your productivity is protected.
The risk of losing your documents, for example, and there are different ways to keep your records safe with several tools made available for Office 365. Even at that, you can lose your document if proper care is not taken.

Your laptop or desktop can also be affected by viruses or hackers if relevant measures are not put in place. There are more instances now with business computers now getting hacked for identity theft or to get confidential information and then blackmail businesses into paying some ransom to regain control of their asset.

Furthermore, there are different tools and software you can use to keep your document safe, and part of them are cybersecurity for Office 365 and backup and replication solutions for Office 365.

Office 365 Backup Solutions

Think 365 Backup solutions for Microsoft Office 365 terminates the risk of losing permission and control over your Office 365 data such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Outlook, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams so that your data is always protected.
Think 365 uses some of the best and most effective solutions you can get around, from vendors that have dedicated a reasonable amount of time in development, identifying the gaps, and propounded ways to solve many backup and replication problems.

Microsoft Office 365 understandably helps a lot in working remotely without going through the stress of hosting your email, files, and SharePoint tools. Though Microsoft takes care of all these, it doesn’t imply that your data are safe, and you can access them anytime.

Think 365 Backup Solutions are simply a strong solution for consistent backup of your documents, files, and tools till you are ready to use them.

ReaQta for Microsoft Office 365

To ensure maximum security and smooth operations of your Office 365, ReaQta + Think 365 offers every business the ideal protection you need for your Office 365 accounts. Know if your corporate email is compromised.
ReaQta offers real-time auditing of employee and hacker activity – see successful login origin, and what device, plus discover which employees are more prone to be breached and prevent it.

ReaQta’s AI-powered Endpoint Defense Platform designed to defend
corporate devices of employees who have transitioned to work-from-home.
The lightweight agent can be seamlessly and remotely installed.

If you want your Microsoft Office 365 to be more secure, then ReaQta + Think 365 is your best bet.

If you need a dependable ally that can always be there for your IT issues, then Think 365 is your best bet. We provide exceptional and amazing IT service for all business concerns. We also have amazing tools that can make your business easier and make your workers more productive.

Paired with Think 365’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) SOC Team, our team leverages the ReaQta-Hive platform to detect, investigate and respond to any malicious threats on your remote endpoints.

Extend your existing investment in Microsoft Office 365 with protection against data loss and gain visibility & protection against advanced attacks.

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